About Us

Robert Gregory Partners strives to lift leadership development to new heights – to maximize its value to executives and the companies they lead. It’s a bold undertaking, which requires vision, business savvy and the highest level of experience in our field. And we have the people to make it happen:

  • The people behind our firm combine decades of experience in launching and nurturing successful entrepreneurial ventures.
  • They have deep roots in executive recruitment – and have stood on the forefront in developing technology to source candidates for top management positions.
  • They have significant experience in designing and implementing the most effective, efficient programs to cultivate high-potential talent and help executives reach their full potential as leaders.
  • Many of them also are at home in the C-suite and have worked with top executives at the world’s largest corporations.
  • All of them are steadfastly committed to helping our firm lead professional development into the future.

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