Catherine Braun

Coaching and Consulting Experience
Catherine Braun has over 20 years of experience in leadership development as an executive coach, lead engagement designer, program developer, and facilitator of meetings and offsites for senior leaders. She works in the US, UK and Europe in change management, values development, and strategic planning along with the motivational and communications issues that surround it. Much of her work focuses on the people side of strategy execution, including building both individual and team excellence. Catherine partners with leaders and their teams in varied industries such as biotechnology, insurance, banking, analytics, media, insurance, publishing, professional services, and energy.

In her executive coaching engagements, Catherine specializes in interpersonal relationships, executive presence, influence and impact, strategy execution and cultural fit. She coaches and consults with executives at the most senior levels in organizations, both one-on-one and in conjunction with executive development programs for emerging leaders.

She draws on her engineering background and her technical, marketing and business development experience to help individuals and teams analyze issues, problem solve and deliver results. Leveraging her experience and insight, Catherine serves as a catalyst for surfacing and resolving challenging issues while building an individual’s or team’s ability to master difficult conversations and provide open feedback.

Business and Career Background
Catherine coaches in executive education programs at Harvard Business School, is a partner with the Center for Leading Organizations, and is affiliated with FVC Associates, and Global Leadership Services, Inc. Previously, Catherine was a principal at The Center for Executive Development and held management and technical positions at AT&T and Data General Corporation. She also provides pro bono coaching, communications, development and marketing services to non-profit organizations.

Education and Certifications
Catherine has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and is a graduate of the Marketing Management program at Duke University’s School of Business. She is certified in the Hogan Assessment Profiles and the Change Style Indicator. She is also proficient with the LMAP Profile, CQ Inventory (Cultural Intelligence) and the Hayes Group and numerous custom 360-survey instruments.

Catherine Braun, RGP Executive Coach

Based in:
Boston, MA

Primary Markets Served:
US Northeast

For Information Contact:
Andrea Sherman
Coaching Operations Manager
Office: 614.389.3670
Mobile: 740.704.7331