Mia Logan, Ph.D.

Coaching and Consulting Experience
Mia is a Professional Certified Coach, with over twenty years of experience working with senior leaders (VP and Senior Director Level). She has experience working with clients within government, engineering, pharma, insurance, universities, construction, non-profits, boards and IT. Mia’s successful approach to executive coaching focuses on a leader’s self-awareness, self-reflection, effective communication skills and maximizing team dynamics to achieve professional goals. As an executive coach, Mia leverages her own leadership experience, as well as evaluations and assessments, to facilitate behavior change.

Business and Career Background
Mia’s career has concentrated on change management, leadership development, strategic planning, performance improvement and evaluation. Mia started out at Intel as a manager and team leader and through her entrepreneurial spirit, she worked with many Fortune 500 companies in her consulting company. She also held a director level role and an organizational development leader position at two national laboratories.

As a contractor with ten years of tenure with a premier science and engineering laboratory specializing in national security and technology innovation, Mia focuses on organizational development. As a Program Manager, she developed and led the Guerrilla Management pilot course for L1 high performing managers to improve their ability to coach, lead and inspire results from others. There, she also developed and implemented new senior manager and existing senior manager leadership development programs for 300+ leaders.

Education and Certifications
Mia holds a Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico in Organizational and Adult Learning. Her dissertation was a case study on transformational change and trauma. She has created a 6–step process for supporting people in making sustainable changes. Mia is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Mia Logan, RGP Executive Coach

Based in:
Albuquerque, NM

Primary Markets Served:
US West

For Information Contact:
Andrea Sherman
Coaching Operations Manager
Office: 614.389.3670
Mobile: 740.704.7331
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