Executive Coaching for Leaders and Teams

You have the right people in place. Now, you want to help them achieve their full potential within your company. Robert Gregory Partners can lead the way.

We offer a full range of executive coaching services to help your leaders and teams perform to their highest capacity, in alignment with your business strategies. Our coaches can sharpen your executive’s leadership skills or teach your teams to work together toward better business results. We also offer an innovative series of executive transition services to help your new executive assimilate to your company.

Our diverse coaching team, comprised of a panel of over 80+ certified coaching experts positioned across the U.S. and around the globe, provides a selection of strategic services to meet your specific executive coaching needs.

Executive Coaching

Help your individual leaders achieve their full potential

Your key executives are critical to the long-term success of your company. From individuals serving in a director level role to senior vice presidents, our one-on-one coaching can help executives become the agile and inspirational leaders you need. At Robert Gregory Partners, we take pride in our results oriented methodology uniquely developed to manage outcomes and assure success. Our distinctive one-on-one coaching can help your high-performing executives take full advantage of big opportunities or overcome tough challenges:

  • Executives who seek to boost their professional and personal growth through an aggressive, results-oriented program
  • Executives who are preparing for a critical succession move or who have recently moved into a key, new role
  • Executives with a leadership style or approach that is not producing desired results

C-Suite Coaching

Provide top leaders with elite coaches as experienced as they are

Leaders at the top of the company face different demands on the job than the senior executives who report to them. They require a coaching approach designed to reflect both the individual leader and the unique challenges of the C-level role – administered by top-tier coaches who are as adept as the executives they coach. At Robert Gregory Partners, we incorporate all of this in specialized C-Suite coaching services that focus on helping your top executives achieve greatness.

Program Support Coaching

Increase the effectiveness of your existing leadership development program

Robert Gregory Partners will guide you through the design and deployment of adding custom elements of coaching to your leadership development program. Research shows that the addition of one-on-one coaching to a formal development program will increase both the learning application and the retention level for the participant by up to 80 percent. Our unique design and elite team of coaches achieve maximum desired outcomes with minimal time and cost.

Team and Group Coaching

Maximize your investment while equipping your team to produce top results

Group coaching is a cost-efficient, powerful way to give key employees the benefits of individual executive coaching in a group environment. Using the group dynamic as a catalyst for feedback and change, we help your leaders propel each other forward. Our group coaching can help your high-potential contributors perform better individually – and, ultimately, in unison – to meet organizational goals.

Our team coaching approach focuses on coaching teams to work together toward shared goals. Each engagement begins with an analysis of the team’s function as compared against our best-practices model. With this data in hand, we take each team through an individualized performance-improvement process. Our team coaching helps your teams achieve the business results you want.

To learn more, please contact us online, via email ([email protected]), or at 1-614-389-3670.