Program Support Coaching

Robert Gregory Partners knows it’s good business to make wise use of resources. So we designed our leadership consulting services to maximize business results, with minimal cost and time demands to your organization and leaders. Our top-tier consultants work with you to design and customize the right solutions for your needs; collaborating with your talent management, organization development and other stakeholder groups throughout the process.

We can help you make the most of your leadership development pipeline and resources.

Count on us to:

  • design and implement an entirely new leadership program
  • make your high-potential development programs more effective
  • increase the success and time to profitability with transitioning executives
  • review and refine your talent management and coaching programs
  • calculate your future leadership needs to meet growth plans.

High-Potential Development Program Consulting

Whether you plan to review or update your current high-potential development program, add coaching to increase its effectiveness or create an entirely new leadership development program, we can help. We have a strong track record in the design and implementation of critical program components:

  • Building high-potential development strategies driven by business imperatives
  • Implementing market-proven program design and experiences
  • Adding coaching to cost-effectively increase program success
  • Designing and executing assessment programs to establish objective, data-based benchmarks for your leader populations
  • Aggregating data/outcome reporting for your business leaders
  • Identifying, selecting, notifying and positioning high potentials

Talent Lifecycle and Coaching Program Management Review

We provide expert, market-tested consulting on a daily or project basis to analyze your Talent Management and Leadership Development strategy and outcomes. In collaboration with your team, we can review strategic business imperatives, identify market trends and best practices, make recommendations, and implement enhancements to your current leader management or succession planning activities. We can apply the same disciplined review to your use and management of internal and external coaching resources.

Leadership Pipeline Audit and Consulting

Your goal is to ensure your organization has the leadership talent to meet its long-term vision and growth plans. Our expert consultants can conduct an end-to-end quantitative and qualitative audit of your leadership pipeline to forecast future needs and gaps. By building an integrated predictive model of your talent pipeline, we can provide you with the data you need to fully integrate your talent management, leader development and business growth strategies. This will ensure that you have the right amount of the right people in the right place at the right time with the right skills for success.

To learn more, please contact us online, via email ([email protected]), or at 1-614-389-3670.