Transition Accelerator Coaching

Talent Acquisition and Talent Management executives of the world’s leading companies are realizing that the historical failure rates of newly promoted and externally hired managers and executives (40% within 18 months)* is not acceptable in today’s demanding and fast-paced corporate world.

Robert Gregory Partners has developed coaching, consulting and programmatic solutions to assist your company in improving both the success rate and mean-time to productivity for newly promoted and hired managers and executives.

*The First 90 Days, Michael Watkins

Transition Accelerator Coaching

Accelerate the transition into a new leadership role

Significant resources go into recruiting and promoting the right leaders within your company. You want to give them every opportunity to succeed in their new roles. We offer companies our cutting edge Transition Accelerator coaching protocol to successfully integrate executives into their new environments, accelerating job satisfaction and the time it takes for them to meet and exceed performance expectations. Our exclusive transition coaching services significantly increase the executive’s success and contributions to your company.  We also, in many circumstances, customize the transition coaching to include developmental coaching elements.

Transition Accelerator Consulting

We have developed a unique, highly effective program that will both greatly increase your success in transitioning managers, directors and executives and fast-tracking their rise to profitability in their new roles. Our customized programs are designed to augment and enhance your current on-boarding programs.

Internal Generalist Training – Your internal HR practitioners will learn the Transition Accelerator protocol and best practices, and then apply the methods to your organization’s current on-boarding and transition-support programs for your managers and directors.

Internal Transition Specialist Certification – We will train and certify select internal HR practitioners to deliver the full Transition Accelerator protocol for high-potential leaders in stretch promotions or external hires.

External Transition Specialist – Senior-level executives, as well as key executives at other management levels, typically transition most smoothly working with an external specialist. Our elite team of consultants trained and certified in our Transition Accelerator protocol, can give these executives an accelerated integration into your culture and minimize the gap between arrival and maximum productivity in their new roles.

Transition Accelerator Programs

Robert Gregory Partners offers a comprehensive approach that leverages the Transition Accelerator protocol to build a custom learning event for transitioning executives (internally promoted and external hires). The learning modules will draw from RGP’s Transition Accelerator protocol for successful executive transitions.

Our approach includes the following key elements to develop transition awareness, skills, resiliency, roadmaps and toolkits for leaders:

  • Pre-work for the participants prior to the Executive Transition Program
  • Multiple learning modules designed to be the backbone of the Executive Transition Program
  • Working session(s) to collaboratively build out a design fine-tuned to the clients’ needs and integrated with the additional program elements, based on our Transition Accelerator protocol for executives
  • Optional two hours of master coaching support per-participant post-program as executives return to their working environments and integrate their learning and transition roadmap
  • Optional two hour webinar follow-up for additional skill development post-program

To learn more, please contact us online, via email ([email protected]), or at 1-614-389-3670.