RGP Consulting Services

Consulting Services

With decades of experience working in the Fortune 500 to drive top-down, organizational change, Robert Gregory Partners offers a wide variety of custom consulting solutions, designed to address your organization’s unique needs and challenges.

How can RGP help your organization?

Robert Gregory Partners drives their clients’ organizational outcomes of Sustained Transformation, Holistic Change and Performance Improvement through consulting work in three broad areas – which are ultimately triangulated, integrated, and synergized.

Organizational Effectiveness

Leadership Capability

Employee Experience

What sets RGP Consulting Services apart?

  • Exceptional Consultants – experienced, strategic, customer focused, and business savvy Consultants with a minimum of 20 years experience designing and implementing leadership selection and development programs that have proven business impact.
  • Outstanding Coaches – experienced, tenured, and business savvy Coaches with a minimum of 8 years experience coaching at the executive level, certified in the recommended assessment tools. Available to client program participants as needed and as scheduled. All coaches are supervised by a Master Coach to ensure a world-class participant experience. 150+ coaches around the world, ~65% of which are female or diverse.
  • Leading-edge design – assessment and development strategies, solutions, and coaching built around researched and best-practice methodologies, designed to maximize the impact to your organization.
  • Alignment to strategy – Consultants and coaches will undergo an onboarding to build alignment with your culture, and with your talent strategy and programs. Regular status meetings will ensure alignment with sponsor team.
  • World-class returns – Robert Gregory Partners delivers world class results, impact, and return on client expectations. We understand your needs and expectations, design powerful solutions, then deliver with unparalleled experience and expertise.

Questions? Interested in learning more about our consulting work?

To learn more, please contact us online, via email ([email protected]), or at 1-614-389-3670.