Executive Transition Acceleration – The Revolution

Executive Transition Acceleration – The Revolution

Date: Thursday, March 24th, 2016 1:30 PM EST

Length: 60 minutes

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60% of executive transitions end in failure or measurable underperformance and many companies no longer accept this appalling fact.  Learn how progressive firms are inoculating their managers and executives against transition failure and speeding up their mean-time to productivity.

Learn many of the benefits for a successful transitioning leader’s direct reports:

  • 15% higher performance
  • 21% more likely to stay at the company
  • 9% higher engagement

In this webinar, we will also reveal how the most successful firms:

  • Support newly promoted managers and executives to achieve productivity faster
  • Create highly effective transition programs that dovetail with existing on-boarding programs
  • Leverage internal and external resources to achieve improved, sustainable transition results in less time

As a result of participating in this webinar, you will gain a deeper understanding of the components required to achieve successful transition support and the improved bottom line results that are possible with more effective executive transitions.


Maria Sullivan
Maria is the managing director for leader development consulting at Robert Gregory Partners. She is charged with building the firms leadership development practice nationally and globally. She has extensively researched executive transitions and created several transition acceleration solutions that have been successfully deployed to thousands of executives in many different industries and firms.  Her career spans 27 years as senior manager, mentor and coach in the legal and financial fields. She spent the last half of that at Deloitte, first managing the firm’s internal coaching team of 60 coaches and, subsequently, its external 50-coach panel. She also designed and managed the high-potential leader development programs for Deloitte’s 3,000 U.S. partners.

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