Looking Up & Down the Leadership Development Pipeline

Leadership Development Pipeline: Will You Have the Leaders to Meet Projected Growth?

For some time, organizations have been concerned over the talent gap knowing they would face a mass exodus of veteran leaders. As baby boomers began heading into retirement years, even fewer entrants were entering the workforce.

The Great Recession has only exacerbated the problem. When their portfolios plunged in value, many senior leaders chose to postpone retirement. At the same time, organizations were reluctant to hire, closing the door on the younger employees who are to become tomorrow’s leaders.

With the economy getting back up on its feet, the aging employees are beginning to put up theirs, too. It now becomes critical for companies to focus on identifying and developing leaders to replace those who will rapidly vacate positions. Organizations must not only ensure that their leadership development programs are operating at full capacity; they also need to calculate the strength of their leadership pipeline, and fast.

How can organizations be certain that their leadership pipelines will supply them the talent they need?

This paper recommends a complete, objective assessment of their respective pipelines to identify deficiencies and remedies and, ultimately, create and sustain a steady flow of leaders able to take these companies into the future.

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