Our Methodology Leads the Way

Robert Gregory Partners has developed an advanced coaching methodology that pushes past traditional approaches to change – and opens new opportunities for executives to achieve their full leadership potential and advance your company’s success.

Our mission is clear: To help your key executives lead your company to greater heights. This novel viewpoint calls for a new way of coaching. It demands that we look beyond the individual executives to the entire organization, coaching within an organizational context and inspiring change that better equips your executives to meet your specific business strategies.

In response, we have developed an innovative coaching methodology that fully supports your organizational focus. It enables our coaches to get to know your company, incorporate input from human resources and superiors, and set goals that are in alignment with your company’s culture and strategies.

On-Site Orientation

Our comprehensive coaching process goes well beyond one-on-one dialogue with your executives. We take a panoramic look at your company, and focus on change that makes your executives more effective within your organization. We begin with an extensive, on-site orientation of your company, exploring your talent-management strategies, culture, mission, vision and core values. We gain insight into the underlying dynamics of your organization, better equipping us to set goals for change that work within your corporate environment.

Seeking Stakeholder Involvement

We also engage your human resources leaders and the executive’s superior throughout the coaching program. We seek their input on the executive’s performance and work closely with them to prepare him or her for the coaching process. Once coaching is underway, we hold regular meetings with these associates to glean their perceptions of the executive’s progress and to provide progress reports – within the confines of client confidentiality.

Data is the Foundation

Corporate decision-makers seldom make a move without studying relevant data. Nor would we. Our methodology relies heavily on data from multiple sources. We cull in-depth information about the company and the executive engaged in coaching from interviews, testing and other sources and scour it in search of actionable opportunities for change that are aligned with your company’s strategies. And because your executives work with data every day, it can make it easier for them to see themselves in a new and different way, leading to changes in behavior that will have the most significant impact on their performance.

Program for Change

Once your executive has made many high-impact changes, we arm him or her with a detailed transition program. This program includes an action plan that is shared with the boss and is intended as a conduit for constructive conversation between executive and boss. We also provide extensive follow-up for 12 months after the assignment ends to ensure sustained and continued progress.

For many high-powered executives, our program’s end brings new beginnings in personal satisfaction and performance – and can build on the positive changes in your organization.

Standing Behind Our Coaches

Robert Gregory Partners has full confidence in the power of our coaching team. We also believe in depth of expertise to ensure maximum opportunity for our client’s success. The managing director from our management team oversees and assists our coaches on every coaching engagement. Coach and manager meet monthly, or as needed, to ensure objectivity and breadth of expertise. In addition, we enlist the support of adjunct coaches when additional expertise is desired. Our large network of coaches is here to deliver the guidance and personal experience your executives need to reach their full leadership potential.

To learn more about our team of experts, e-mail [email protected]