Robert Gregory Partners believes executive coaching is serious business – a professional service that can have a significant impact on the long-term success of your company. With a 95%+ success rate for all of our coaching engagements, and a results guarantee, we understand the need to deliver impactful coaching that leads to powerful change.

This fundamental belief defines who we are and how we work. First, we focus on the business of executive coaching. Coaching is not a part of what we do; it is the heart of what we do. Our focus demonstrates both our belief in the value of executive coaching and the depth of our commitment to providing superior coaching services.

This commitment to providing superior coaching services extends to our relationship with our clients – we guarantee results for all of our coaching engagements. If you’re not satisfied, we will give you your money back.

Our ultimate goal is to serve your company.

Whether we are coaching individual leaders, groups of leaders or teams, we do so within the context of your corporate vision and goals. Our mission is to support your executives and managers in their efforts to achieve personal success – and to jointly achieve critical corporate goals.

We also understand your demands for high performance in your people and high value in your investment in them. When you engage Robert Gregory Partners, you hire more than members of our proven coaching team. To ensure the highest level of professional service, the managing director from our management team oversees each coaching engagement. These professionals also will serve as your liaison and manage contractual and financial matters between you and Robert Gregory Partners. Exemplary client service is one more way we take care of business.