Webcast: “Accelerating to ‘Back’ – 3 Strategies for Driving Productivity – Part 1 of 3: Self-Awareness”

Join us for the first webcast in a three-part series:

“Accelerating to ‘Back’ – 3 Strategies for Driving Productivity – Part 1: Self-Awareness”

This webcast series focuses on how you can drive personal and team productivity while accelerating “back” to the new way of working. Over the course of three webcasts, we will focus on:

  1. Self-Awareness – Understanding how your leadership tendencies influence how you act and react
  2. Focus – Ensuring that you’re working on what’s most critical now
  3. Alignment – Engaging your team(s) to create and sustain momentum

Each 30-minute webcast features ~15 minutes of content followed by Q&A and interactive conversation with two of our Managing Directors, Bob Drovdlic and Maria “Sully” Sullivan.

This first webcast focuses on SELF-AWARENESS and includes a discussion of the following:

  • Knowing how you are experienced as a leader so you can give your people what they need
  • Understanding your unique attributes and how they can create greater followership
  • Gaining clarity about lessons learned in the lockdown and how to prepare for the next phase of working


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